Conspro Corp. is a dynamic and innovative, and environmentally responsible construction products wholesaler established in Caguas, Puerto Rico, since the year 2000. We sell, distribute, and market specialized concrete construction products, such as construction chemical, adhesives, sealers, waterproofing systems and specialized concrete coating, to the hardware and construction industry both in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Conspro Corp. sells and distributes the Bull-Bond® concrete construction products line that includes:

- Concrete Plastering Adhesives
- Elastomeric Sealers, Top Coats and Primers
- Construction Chemicals and Admix Products
- Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) for Concrete and Masonry Buildings
- Concrete Additives and Concrete Building Specialties
- Sustainable Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems
- Specialty Floor and Wall Waterbased Protective Coatings

Conspro Corp. also distributes high quality concrete construction specialty products from an array of manufacturers, including:

AQUAFIN INC. – Crystalline Waterproofing, Moisture Vapor Remediation and Concrete Restoration Products
EMSEAL – Watertight Expansion and Seismic Joints.Trafficable, Sound Dampening, Fire-Rated Joints and Preformed Sealants.
EVONIK – Water Repellents, Corrosion Inhibitors and Antigraffiti Coatings for Concrete and Stone
FLEX- Thermoplastic Single Ply and Multiply Roofing and Waterproofing Systems
INPRO CORP. – Door and Wall Protection, Signage, Commercial Surfaces Protection and Mechanical Expansion Joints
MAPEI CORP. – Sealants, Adhesives, Concrete, Epoxy and FRP Restoration Materials
NEOGARD – Construction Coatings, Flooring and Direct Bond Roof Waterproofing
PRIME RESINS INC. – Waterstop Injection Grouts, Slab Lifting Grouts and Epoxy Adhesives
STI Firestop- Innovative Fire Stopping Solutions for more Thant 25 years for data communications, construction joints / mechanical / electrical /
pluming penetration and building curtain walls.
TRANSPO – MMA and Epoxy Bridge Overlays, Crack Sealers and Polymer Concrete System
TREMCO SEALANTS – Polyurethane and Silicone Sealants. Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems

Conspro Corp products and services mainly encompass the CSI Master Format Divisions 3, 5, 7,9 and 10.

Conspro Corp.’s efficient, timely and accurate PO handling and product distribution, combined with its knowledgeable field sales representatives and truck logistics, allow 95% of purchases and deliveries to be fulfilled in 1-2 days. Conspro Corp. complements this success with excellent marketing and product representation to the hardware industry and construction professionals, engineers, specifiers, and architects. Furthermore, Conspro Corp. offers outstanding job-site technical assistance to all customers to ensure correct material selection, product estimates creation, field installation QA/QC technical support, along with timely on-site field troubleshooting and non-conformance investigations. Conspro Corporation has a team of over 15 sales professionals and technical representatives covering the hardware and construction industry in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, Dominican Republic and Panama.